This is a podcast for the woke, the organizer, the pro-labor individual who seeks to create change within their communities. 

It's a challenging time in America right now and most young people are looking for ways in which we can improve the current political and social climate. You've come to the right place!

During this podcast series, we will be discussing all sorts of controversial topics.  This is a thought-provoking, action-seeking, entertaining podcast from all generations' perspectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

So wait, AFSCME’s doing a podcast? 

That’s right! Most of us don’t have time to sit at a computer for 20 minutes. Because a lot of us young workers spend so much time either commuting or working or just being on the go, there’s no better way to get crucial information than with a podcast — which can be accessed anywhere, in multiple ways.

So Next Wave is having a podcast too? What about Next Wave 2018? 

Yes, the Next Wave program consists of 3 different programmatic functions: Next Wave 2018, Next Wave Podcast Academy, and Next Wave Chapter Developments.

Is this going to be boring? I can only listen to podcasts that are interesting. 

We totally feel you. This podcast will be hosted by some of AFSCME’s youngest and brightest members and staff. This is a podcast for young workers, so how can it not be run by that same demographic?

So, how do I find the podcast? 

We’re everywhere! ITunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud, or wherever you get your pods!

Okay, great! So what about the Online Academy? How does that work? 

The Academy is where we take action! This is the part where you take what you’ve learned from the podcast and bring it back to your locals and affiliates. This could be anything from sharing an article on your social media page, to helping your local sign up new members.  These tasks won’t take a lot of time, and we know that without action, right-wing attacks will succeed in taking us out.

So how do I sign up for the Academy? 

Great question! It’s super easy! You can sign up here.